Friday, February 18, 2011

You know it's bad when WalMart declines your oil change...

I went to buy some groceries at WalMart Wednesday and thought I'd get an oil change while I was there. After I spent a blue ton of money for 3 bags of food, I went back to the auto dept to retrieve my truck. There, the invoice sat on the counter with a big, bold "CANCELED" stamped across the front of it. Dang. Comments at the bottom read, "Leaks EVERYWHERE, too many to count." Uh-oh... Actually, I only add 1 quart about every 3 weeks, so it must be accumulating on the underside. The headlines will read, "Saving Georgia raptors while contaminating the water table..." **sigh** If that weren't bad enough, my brake thingys started acting up when I arrived at the Pine Mountain venue last night. I am clinging to the edge of the cliff with my Lee Press-On nails...hoping the glue holds.

My mechanic down the road told me that I "will be surprised in every way imaginable when you start having to repair a Land Cruiser." Hmmm...why? I had no idea how expensive they were, so the parts are astronomical. Just a set of no-name tires are about 600 dollars. Whew.

So, I'm putting this out into the ethers that if you are looking to make a purchase, please consider donating your used vehicle to HawkTalk and receive a tax deduction, rather than only getting half of it's worth on a trade-in.

It's a life of ups and downs with what I do. I was very sad when Icabod died so suddenly, but then I was subsequently able to release the Barred owl that had both wings broken AND I was able to release the Red-shouldered hawk that had been shot. You live, you love, you lose, and there's nothing to be done about it, come ruin or rapture. But you win some, too, and that is what I have to concentrate on.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm over winter and when a large flock of Sandhill Cranes flew over the house just now, I nearly cried because I knew that there WILL be an end to this pesky cold weather. I need GREEN. I need to play in the dirt and grow stuff. My tomato seeds are all but jumping out of their packets. Hopefully the crop will be better this year than last. I do container gardening and figured the roots just stayed too hot for too long. I was bummed out...

The new chicky-poodles arrived yesterday and man, are they cuter than all get-out. (see video below)

Bill thinks the new additions are just swell

And can't stop laughing with delight!

Patti came to visit last week and a good time was had by all!

When she came to visit last October, a TINY stray kitty showed up in my yard and try as we might, we couldn't nab him. He was wild as a snake. So, we gave up and commenced with our visit and after Patti's return home on the other side of Chattanooga, she calls to tell me that the krazy kitty had gotten up under her truck and rode home with her! He jumps out and hides under her shed where they couldn't get to him, so she went back inside to try again the next day, except kitty's nowhere to be found. They had to drive down to South Pittsboro that day and when they return home, they hear meowing coming from under the wheel well! The little varmint had done it again! Her brother laid on his back under the truck for an hour, extricating the poor thing and none too happy with his thanks. They took him to the doctor to have him checked out and except for being covered with dirt, he was no worse for wear. Patti showed me this picture taken at Christmas when they were baking cookies. apparently the little booger has a taste for raspberry's!

His name is...Traveler. Notice the missing raspberries on the first cookie!

We celebrated Sam's birthday up at the Beanery in Blue Ridge on Jan 29th. (have I not blogged since then?) and my wonderful friend small rehabber friend Liz made him a terrific birthday cake. I wanted to bring a mouse to adorn the top but thought better of it. Liz is being featured in Subaru Magazine, so I brought up the birds for the photo op for her. I don't know if there is an online version, but will let you know as soon as it comes out. This magazine is highlighting her love of wildlife conservation and I congratulate her for it.

Sam's not sure if he wants to eat it or try to kill it...

Liz did an AMAZING job on Sam's cake!

Liz and Sam

Liz, Sam and myself at her house

Guess who came to dinner during the last dusting of snow?

These next two photographs are why I am hesitant to allow people to come out to volunteer. My yard is VERY slick and I slipped down when it rained two Mondays ago and boy, did I hit the ground hard. Undid everything Alan did for my back earlier in the day. Even the back of the hood had mud on it.

Notice the mud encrusted right wasn't a pretty sight.

Face and Bill sleeping together on the sheepskin rug, living the life of Riley.

If you have a little Mouse Money to spare, please go over to and click on the PayPal icon, or you could drop a check via snail mail to HawkTalk, P.O. Box 130, Holly Springs, GA 30142. We sure appreciate your help!

God save you and good day....m.

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