Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good morning boys and girls…

Still waiting on judgment from the 2nd quarter Profit and Loss statement I sent to Carlos. I guess no news is good news, unless I see a bulldozer coming down the driveway.

In the mean time, please consider emailing the President on our behalf. And would you mind please sending us a copy so I can print it off for my records? MANY thanks.

The bottom line is this, anyone who has been to my house knows it’s no trip to Hollywood and it’s no wonder that it didn’t sell for the 4 years it was on the market. It wouldn’t do any good to raze the house and rebuild because it was turned into a flood plain 20 years ago by accident and it’s my understanding that a building permit would not be issued for a flood plain area. The story goes that the adjacent property owner graded their hill just before a huge rain storm hit which created a mudslide that took out my driveway and side yard. Apparently it was a big, expensive mess for them to pay for…

Not only that, but the adjacent property owners (they built a church) set up the drainage system so that all their rain water is diverted onto my property to provide a water source for my landscaped pond that the previous owner installed about the same time. Of course, I was not made privy to this bit of intel until after I bought the house. Not only that, but I learned that it is not legal to divert water from one property to another. Oops.

With this bank having so many properties that won’t sell, they are giving them away and/or bulldozing them. For our situation, Bank of America would make out much better financially if they donated the house to HawkTalk and took the full tax deduction.

Mr. Moynihan’s email address:

Thanks for helping us.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ____________________________________________________________________________

Here is a sample of a letter sent to Mr. Moynihan. Please feel free to copy and paste it (or my statement above) if you don’t have time to think of anything to say… Just take your cursor and highlight what you want to copy, hit ‘Ctrl C’, then place the cursor onto a new letter and press ‘Ctrl V’. See? Easy as pie!

Dear Mr. Moynihan:

Monteen McCord is one of the last remaining rescue shelters for RAPTORS in all of Georgia. If you foreclose on Monteen, you will be making eternal enemies with a lot of people in Cherokee County, Georgia. Where is she and her "saved" raptors going? There is a "tent city" in Cherokee County; but Monteen could not afford to take her hawks and owls with her. What are you going to do with these defenseless birds of prey? Are you going to release them to the wild? It can't be done, so you can't!

Looks like you need to rescue Monteen and all her "friends"! It will not affect the bottom line at BOA, so why not help her by donating the house to Monteen's 501(c)3 organization. This would make a lot of people in Cherokee County a believer in the capitalistic system; one that bails out banks, but brings the wrath of HELL to its own lowly believers that a capitalistic system even exists in America.

Donate the house to HawkTalk, Monteen's not-for-profit organization and stop the agony that Monteen and all of us are suffering; save our defenseless hawks and owls!


I hope you are enjoying the nice day we’re having. I had some squirrels donated (thanks, Bill!) so I’m off to Acworth to collect them! Woot! ….m. (new and improved web site!)

"But you said you loved me!"


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