Friday, July 6, 2012

A visit at CDA this morning...

The Child Development Association is the oldest not for profit organization in Roswell Ga. They offer children a chance at having a better life and the staff is pretty awesome, too. Tucked back off the square in Roswell, they have a bi-level, award-winning playground, garden, ampitheatre and a built in sprinkler system outside for the kids to cool off. I brought Sam, Scully and Nigel to visit this morning. Thanks to Sally Hansell and Sean O'Keefe for making our visit possible...

I love this bird with all my heart. Sam turned 22 in January.

This is how the owl sees!  :)

Sam modeling his cousin's skull

Every color, creed and ethnicity...we all are here to learn and share

A special thanks go out to Sean O'Keefe and Sally Hansell for making our visit to CDA possible today.


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