Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm a silly goose!

Hey ya’ll,

Well, my blog went on for the length of a bible yesterday and I forgot to tell you where we would be Saturday and Sunday! These are the last public events we will be attending until 2010, so don your galoshes and snow suit, throw the SUV in 4WD and come visit!

Saturday from 2-4, we’ll be at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore down in Sandy Springs helping Miss Candace celebrate their Celestial Soirée. The birds of HawkTalk are a staple at this annual celebration and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their continued support. Click on the hyperlink for directions. Sam, Scully and Nigel will be there, along with note cards and DVD slideshows in exchange for Mouse Money donations. All this helps us put rats on the table. If you live near Roswell Rd. and the perimeter, please come out and support this store. We need to pull together and help keep each other propped up until the bad stuff passes, K?

Another cool locally owned place to support is Bird Watcher Supply and they have a new store out in Hiram. Richard Cole, founder and owner of this vast birdie empire, asked us to help them celebrate their Grand Opening and we are just pickled tink to participate. Click on this link for directions.
5218 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy Hiram, GA 30141-2747 - (770) 439-3115

Thank you Bruce, for suggesting adding the directional hyperlink! MUAH!

I shot this last night…Face is on the left, his sister and my dearly departed David’s daughter, Cristobel on the right, along with their mom in the middle of the puddy pile. God, how I love my cats. In this world of craziness and uncertainty, they keep me grounded and bring me incredible amounts of joy.

This is why my plants are barely alive come March. I’ve kept this annual alive for almost 5 years by bringing it in. What’s that syndrome that nurses have where they almost kill their patients so they can be a hero and save then at the last minute? The raggedy-arsed White Flags on the right was almost decimated by Johnson before I realized and did an intervention. Of all plants I need to keep alive, this is a grandbaby of my daddy’s funeral plant that I’ve been growing since he died in ’97. Lot’s of pressure to keep this puppy alive! And yes, the Geraniums love, love, love that full spectrum light and heater. I should have stock in Sawnee Electrical Co-op.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog… m.

Monteen McCord
POB 130
Holly Springs, GA 30142


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