Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brrr... Brrr...and Brrr!

Hey ya’ll,

I’m hoping the new year is bringing you other things besides icy sidewalks and bruised bottoms. I’ve only tweaked myself a few times so in the grand scheme of things, I’m not too worse for wear.

Well, I was able to go a few days without a rehab bird, so I could clean the crates and wash the poop sheets, sit down and have a martini, but now I’m in possession of what looks to be an old Red-tailed hawk with a severe case of bumblefoot. Only one of a few things causes lesions on the bottom of their feet: living in captivity and being forced to stand on improper perching surfaces, clenching their feet together and poking himself with their talon, or having stepped on a thorn. She was found on the road feeding on a road-kill and her left eye is goobered up, too, which is the least of her problems right this minute. Her feet are horribly swollen and she’s fighting an infection, which is why I can’t seem to put any weight on her.

Actually, it looks like this bird has been put through a quizenart or was maybe an extra from The Night of the Living Dead. Dog tame, too. If you rub her back, she moves her tail to the side for some lovin’ from the oven… Not your typical ‘wild’ hawk behavior.

I’ve had her since last Wednesday and I’ve been giving her ab’s and applying DMSO and there has been some improvement. She’s at hospital today getting some xrays of her feet. She will need surgery on one foot. I don’t like cutting on feet. The outcome is iffy… this pic was taken 1/7. See how her back toe is curled under? Not good. Please keep FUBAR in your thoughts and prayers. She’s gonna need them…

Slight improvement – taken 1/11

On a lighter note…
What’s a cat have to do around here to get a drink of water?

So a trip to the bird store and 50 bucks later…for a submersible water heater. It’s only money.

Tell me Face doesn't possess discernment...

On Frozen Pond…

What’s a goose have to do around here to get a drink of water?

So a trip to the bird store and 50 bucks later…for another submersible water heater. Money? What’s that?

There…now THAT’S more like it! Johnson naked in the hot tub…YOW!

I dump his greens in the dishpan to simulate his natural feeding behavior…
Celery, mung beans, leaf lettuce, carrots…he’s a happy goose.

Johnson messing around on the roof the other day…notice the serrations on his beak.

The Bluebirds are all poofy and happy about the hulled nuts and mealworms…

Church, the dead cat, wandered by for a visit. This was his favorite place to drink until it froze.

That’s it for now from this end of the frozen swamp. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! ….m.

Monteen McCord
POB 130
Holly Springs, GA 30142



At January 13, 2010 at 4:11 PM , Blogger Gaina said...

((Happy New Year)).

Do you think your current resident could have been an ex-falconry bird? Do they release them back into the wild after the hunting season in your state? I am sending good vibes for a full recovery your way ;-).

Johnson is so precious, I'd love to have him hang out in my garden! The photo of him with his feet in the 'hot tub' convinces me that I have seen an expression of bliss on a Goose's face.

We are getting icy weather here too, although we are starting a thaw at the moment (goodness knows how long it will last). I haven't actually gone back to Uni yet as I was snowed in last week and the campus was shut but I didn't venture out today as we had another snow fall last night which made the roads icy and very dangerous. I decided I could work from home and venturing out wasn't worth the risk.

I did use the time get some nice photos and video, though so I'll put them in my blog soon :)


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