Monday, January 24, 2011

The sun is out, hardly any wind to speak of, it's a whopping 47 degrees and I'm positively GIDDY. The weather hasn't been this nice in I don't know when. It's this time of year that I start making deals with God; I'm so cold and miss digging in the earth and growing plants. It seems like spring will never arrive...

I spent the first part of my morning making a bazillion phone calls, trying to line up some transportation for an injured water bird up near the Tennessee border. I won't know until later if my efforts will bear fruit. You do what you can, knowing that you cannot save them all...

While making phone and receiving said phone calls this morning, I made a wonderful pot of chili in the crock pot. Thanks JDon for the recipe!

I was sick as a dog during the snow storm. I didn't leave the house from Sunday until the following Saturday. All in all, we weren't worth killing. Everyone was MISERABLE.

But, a girl has to eat

The chickens were horrified

Carol was up to her fetlocks in the white stuff

The cats were put out about the whole affair

...and Bill was thinking it was the end of the world...

So, since I had some nice weather this afternoon, I spent it in the chicken coop. Coop and poop rhyme. I wonder if they did that on purpose? I have only one of the former, but lots of the latter. I then refreshed their substrate, a mixture of topsoil, sand and food grade diatomaceous earth, along with some oyster shell. I have 11 girls and received 10 eggs today. Even with all this cold, dreary weather, I have had excellent production and I'm so happy that the ladies over at Loving Hands Veterinary Hospital are loving the eggs. Heck, I made 16 dollars the other day! (Ted, if you're reading this and need any advice, just ring me up and we'll chat)

I learned something that I wish to share with you. When it snowed on Christmas day, three of my girls disappeared. I was sad and figured that the neighbors dog got them or something... Oh well. Then fast forward to this last snow event...another TWO go missing. Now I'm worried. A full two days later Curly and Mary Andrews stagger back into the yard, shaking and stressed out. I am now thinking that they become snow blind, get disoriented and cannot find their way back home. I miss Helen so much. She was the sweetest, most gentle chicky-poodle you could ever want. I was worried that my egg production would go down, but it's almost like the others pulled together to squeeze out more to make up for their lost friends. I still average 8 eggs a day and if you have never eaten fresh eggs, they are so very good. But note to self - when your pockets are full of eggs, be mindful opening doors. I'm a sticky, ookie-yolkie mess...

I love my girls...Blanche and Carol sharing the nestbox

For those of you who attended our fund raiser back in September, you might recall art done by Adrienne Myles. Well, she just donated three more paintings and they are terrific. We will need to hold another fund raiser soon, so I can continue my mission in keeping and caring for those who don't have a voice.

When I see something like this, it makes my heart sad, but at the same time, instills a dogged determination to keep going, some way, some how...and with your help, I'll make it happen. You can go over to and donate via the PayPal icon, or drop some Mouse Money off at P.O. Box 130, Holly Springs, GA 30142.

I'll end this post on a beautiful note...birds grateful to have a full tummy on a snowy day. God save you all and good night.

One of my charges from last year

Female cardinal

Tufted Titmouse

Male cardinal

Oh, also my wonderful vet, Dr. Martinez has a mobile 'well visit' practice now. Please check out his web site when you get a minute. I did some of the photography for it. **sniff-sniff** :)


At January 24, 2011 at 7:50 PM , Blogger amanda said...

You take such breath taking pictures Monteen!

At February 4, 2011 at 3:03 PM , Blogger Missie Shealey said...

I love this picture of your Cardinal. It really means a lot to me to see beautiful Cardinals. When my brother, my best friend, passed, I saw tons and tons of Red Cardinals flying out of no where. They just congregated in the back yard. It was so beautiful! So now when I see Red Cardinals, I know its a sign from my dearly departed brother.I have a tree outside of my window and a Cardinal comes to visit at least three times a week. I just love it! My daughter Janiyah and I have name the Cardinal Betty Boop! Thanks again for the picture. You just never know who's heart you may touch. Thank you for touching mine!


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