Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still my heart is an open secret...

Hey y’all,

Here is a link to the Marietta Daily Journal’s coverage of HawkTalk. Wouldn’t it be nice if the local affiliates/CNN or AP picked it up…anyone know how to make that happen?

Comment to the above article:

That high number of rehabbers stated at the end of the article is quite deceiving when you actually start calling them for help. Some aren’t active at all; some are full, most aren’t falconers or have a flight pen that is 16x20x100 which means that they aren’t qualified for ‘long term’ care. Which beings us down to about 6 or 7 facilities in the state…

Thanks for the calls into Bank of America. Maybe Carlos is tired of all the calls because now he is refusing to say anything to anyone citing ‘company policy that unless I fax an authorization for EACH person who calls, he cannot talk to them.’ However, that is only required if you wish to receive third party financial information. It’s all a bit of silliness, really…you know I’m broke. :)

So, let us then concentrate on Pryana out of the Boston office. She is accessible and engaging. Here is her number again 631-847-8223. Please help us figure out a way to work this thing out so the young raptors that I have worked so hard to rear properly and hack, won’t starve to death.

Enough already!

Enough families have been displaced. Enough children have been uprooted from the only home they’ve ever known. Enough beloved pets have been given over to Animal Control to be put to death. Enough pets have been outright ABANDONED and left to starve to death outside AND inside the homes that now sit empty.

Enough is enough.

Still, my heart is an open secret; someone tell me, have I been gifted or robbed?

Just captured this shot yesterday. It’s rare to have all four in the same frame!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog....m.

Monteen McCord
P.O. Box 130
Holly Springs, GA 30142


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