Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, holy crop...the mouse is peeking through ye.

Ugh...this is bad. Beautiful male, first year Red-tailed hawk that had his crop impaled. Old and infected, I irrigated the wound with Nolvasan and didn't realize the extent of the damage until after I fed him and saw mouse parts protruding from the wound. Started him on killer antibiotics to try to stave off the systemic infection he has going on.

His biggest problem? It's only Friday evening and thanks to the stinking holidays, can't get him seen about until Tuesday. How I am going to keep him alive for 4 days, I just don't know.

The calendars were such a hit, we now have more to offer! It's a lot easier for folks to give us some Mouse Money if they get something in return and you'll have something cool and functional for the whole year! You can go over to and click on 'send money', key in and it will walk you through the 20.00 donation process. Be sure to request a calendar and leave a mailing address.

You may also snail mail us the 20.00 to:

P.O. Box 130
Holly Springs, GA

Thanks so much for your help! ....m.


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