Saturday, January 14, 2012

Latest patient, Denise the Red-tailed hawk

Hey ya'll,

I'm hoping that I can pursuade our email subscribers to click on the BlogSpot link and come over to this site to read our updates so I don't have to transcribe both. It isn't hard, just time consuming. Also, for those of you who are on our email list and decided to click on this link, it's a lot easier for you to view the videos using this format.

"Roman" is doing really well! Although Dr. Martinez hardly ever sees wounded crops and was looking forward to a the repair, we were delighted with the bird's progress throughout the week leading up to the surgery date. Kept on anti-biotics and flushed twice daily with the super-duper salt solution, the gaping wound is nicely scabbed over and he is able to eat more at one time. (see video below). He may end up losing some crop space due to scar tissue/adhesions, but he's a heap site better than he was before! NOW, let us hope the feathers come back in correctly and not corkscrew.

"Denise" is our newest patient who presented yesterday, Friday the 13th. A nice lady called to tell me of a hawk that had been struck by a vehicle very close to where I live, which was why I was able to go do the rescue myself. Her entire left side has been compromised but our immediate concern was an open fracture of the lower part of her keel with subsequent blood loss. We tried gluing it, but the hole was too big, so we popped under anesthesia for a few minutess, just long enough to throw some sutures in and get her back up. With the blood loss she suffered, we didn't want her blood pressure to drop any more by keeping her under for a radiograph. We'll follow up with that on Tuesday. Thank God for my doctor!

Her eyes are so dark, I didn't even notice until this morning that she has uveitis in her left eye, which isn't good. Started her on pred drops after staining it to make sure there wasn't a defect on the cornea, so hopefully that will help with the inflammation. If there's no improvement, we'll make an appointment with the ophthalmologist this week to get her seen about. (I hope they don't make us read the eye chart). You can tell the left eye is a little smaller than the right one. Hopefully, it won't deflate or we'll have major problems.

She's a large, robust bird and has a lot of fight in her, so hopefully, she will recover from her wounds and be released back on Densmore, a scant few minutes from my home. I will caution her to stay away from dead food unless she promises to look both ways before crossing the road!

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