Sunday, April 22, 2012

Live every day like Earth Day!

Good morning y’all… It’s crisp this morning at about 50 degrees, but the sun is out and we’ve been invited to bring some owls to a Harry Potter themed birthday party! I wish I had a Hedwig, but I’d need to cooler to keep him comfy in the hot summer months… We had a big time at Cohutta Country Store yesterday up in Blue Ridge. Dr. Jim and Laurie McClearen are the owners and asked us to take part in their Earth Day event. Dr. McClearen was the first vet I worked for back in ’83 and thanks to him, I am living my soul’s desire as he was kind enough to mentor me in raptor rehab so I could qualify for my own rehab license all those years ago. I hug him hard every time I see him! Their site The day started out ookey, but the rain burned off and the sun came out and a good time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit and sign up for our goofy newsletters. A BIG HawkTalk hug goes out to my friend and sub-permittee Liz Nicholas, for lending her help, along with some really cool bio-items for the kids to check out. She also made the wall you see behind the young lady holding Nigel in the photo below. (and she makes killer cupcakes, too!) She’s a very talented artist and has proven herself a natural in the science of raptor rehab! Nigel was in rare form yesterday and helped make a few folks very happy…
These is a 16 year old llama belonging to Kurt Pihera and Dr. Karen Oertly who runs the clinic next door.
These are alpacas that helped out at the event, too…don’cha just want to squeeze them?
This is a recent shot of the baby barred owls that I’ll be hacking out soon…the little monkeys!
The Barred owl, “Catfish”, that was tangled up in fishing line started out like this: (thanks to Scott from DNR for his assistance and photo)
Wounds looked really bad when he presented…
But now looks like this! He’ll be ready to go soon, but I can’t seem to get the Good Samaritans to contact me…maybe they aren’t interested?
All it takes is a willingness to give of yourself to help those who don’t have a voice…thank you to everyone who has donated Mouse Money. Your donations, whoever small, allows HawkTalk to continue to our mission and in the midst of this sagging economy, it’s getting scarier and scarier. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you can manage it, go outside and enjoy your day. You never know…it could be your last. ….m.


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