Friday, October 12, 2012

Walter update

Walter! He can definitely see because he got all poofy when Dobby came in for a visit while I was medicating him. Thankfully, he got to me not too long after the accident so I could start shooting the Metacam to him to help prevent brain swelling that can cause them to go blind. It is also a good analgesic because you have to figure he's got a whopping headache! I got up through the night to give him fluids and fed him a few pieces of skinned mice. YUM!

 Speaking of mice, we would be so grateful if you could add to our Mouse Money fund! You can go over to and click on the 'donate' button and it's easy as pie! If you're hinky about sending MM electronically, you can snail mail us at:   HawkTalk P.O.Box 130 Holly Springs, GA 30142


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