Sunday, February 17, 2013

The trouble with Harry...

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This short link below is of "Harry", a beautiful adult male Red-shouldered hawk that was struck by a vehicle yesterday. The right eye might be permanently damaged because the pupil isn't responding to light.

I fluroscein stained the eye to make sure there was no uptake and once I saw the cornea wasn't compromised, started using Prednisone eye drops to help reduce inflammation and to help the blood resorb in the anterior chamber. The other thing I'm doing is dosing with oral Meloxicam, which is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory which reduces brain swelling, which can lead to damaging the optic nerve. Once the optic nerve is compromised, the bird goes blind and has to be euthanized.

Releasing one-eyed diurnal raptors is possible and since he is an adult, might be a good release candidate, but only after he can pass the live prey testing, which is where a lot of resources are spent...on live food, because I have to purchase those at the retail level and that hurts the pocketbook!


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