Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life on my end of the swamp

Hi Kids,

Just a quick update. “Georgia” is still visiting a few times a week. The two young Barreds are doing well and are both coming in to feed.

Our HawkTalkWalk is this Saturday at Boling Park in Canton and I really appreciate those of you who have helped us out. Animal charities are the first to be thrown under the bus in times of trouble and let me tell you, it’s been nothing but trouble since I became a 501(c)3. First, it was 9/11, THEN the tsunami, THEN the earthquake, THEN Katrina. Good grief… The gods continue to conspire…

People don’t think much about who helps the injured and orphaned wildlife until they come into contact with one in trouble. Here is an excerpt from a Good Samaritan named “Donna”. While out on their ATV’s they found an owl that had been caught in a barbed wire fence. I had sent her a copy of my last blog which prompted her initial comments.

"Wow! How wonderful!

I was hoping my poor owl would have a successful ending as this bird did but she didn't survive the night. We got up around 5 am to check on her and she was dead. I don't know why all this happened. Why were we allowed to rescue her, wash all the maggot eggs off her (yuk), give her water w/ a syringe, ALL THE PHONE CALLS, only to find her dead this morning?

Maybe I should have left her hanging upside down in the fence but I couldn't in good conscience do that and sleep at night.

I really thought the DNR, vets, and everyone else would jump all over this and want to help this bird but I was in for such a shock of reality. It was an eye opener.

I wish you much success w/ your rehab and thank you so much for all your input and help."


Neither the DNR nor Fish & Wildlife Service care about the individual bird, they only care about the species as a whole. I know…it doesn’t make much sense to me either, but there you have it. The vast majority of veterinarian’s don’t care because they can’t make money from helping wildlife. Sometimes I feel like a spawning salmon, always swimming against the current trying to keep my head above water. Ugh.

Oh well, try as I might, I cannot force people to care. Either you do or you don’t and that is the reality of the situation. Some people never care, then some people care for a while and then stop and there are a few that never stop caring. I have discovered my life is like being a train. My train will stop, toot the horn while the conductor waves her little heart out. Some of the riders on the platform never get on, some get on for a while then get off and then there are a few that continue on the ride. Thank you for helping me help. I am not an island and I couldn’t do it without YOU….m.

Here are a few new pics for your enjoyment.

While I was in position for the young Barred owls to come in for supper, Georgia comes out of nowhere and grabs a late evening snack. Ya’ll know how my action shots suck, but here we go…

"Whoaaaaaaa...." Youngest Barred coming in for a landing

“What’chu lookin’ at Willis?!”

“I’ll have mine to go, please…”

The two babes taken together…

Take care of yourselves and each other and thank you for taking the time to read my blog….m.


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