Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All is in Readiness...Master.

Hey Y'all,

Remember that line from Rocky Horror Picture Show? Back in another lifetime, me, the now X and several other friends would grab all the props (toast, newspaper, lighter, etc.) and head down to the midnight showing every Saturday in Tallahassee for I don't know how long... Them's were the days, yesiree. I miss that simple time.

Come up to the lab
And see what's on the slab...

Ooops...Ok..flash forward...to FOCUS on keeping my charity solvent in these here cra-zazy times.

Sean is...well, a marvel to behold. I've never met anyone who can keep so many plates in the air without the top of his head shooting off. We have received even more auction items since my last bla-bla, so many in fact, that we don't have room for them all! (I'm feelin' the love!) We have items ranging from $1.00 to several hundred, so there are wonderful values to be had...

And another reminder for those of you who have pre-paid via Paypal, please bring your receipt so we don't shake you down at the door for more moolah...

Sean also wanted me to remind you that you do not need a reservation and we happily accept cash, checks and PayPal (or fresh road-kill:). There will be several laptops at your disposal to go over to Paypal and securely enter your credit/debit card information for those very cool items that you just cannot live without. Just think that purchasing a package of my hand-made, with big love, greeting cards will fetch 10 Jumbo mice! Sort of puts things in some sort of perspective, doesn't it?

Thanks to Melissa and Savannah for making sure Sammy has a new pair of shades!

It's a short one tonight...thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Be sure to hug your loved ones, flesh, feathered and furred. Hug them real tight because you never know when it will be their last, or yours. Those I love, KNOW I love them...no doubt about it! www.hawktalk.org


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