Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fund raiser update and other stuff

Hey Y'all,

We will have lots of auction items available for our fund raiser coming up! Pearls, bracelets, paintings, gift certificates galore, a VERY cool guitar made out of a cigar box(it's even electric!), An autographed book entitled Arrowhawk, by the award winning author, Lola Schaefer and I will have a bunch of my framed photographs for sale. I am trying to finagle a Louisiana duck hunt last minute, but the donor works out of town and the timing will be iffy to try to get together to work out the details...

This is the cover to Mrs. Schaefer's beautiful book!

My youngest Red-shouldered hawk came to visit over the last few days. He looks great!

Face doesn't like to have his picture taken anymore but I was able to sneak in a couple before he ran off. In this next picture, you can tell he's giving me the hairy eyeball...

He's the chewingest cat I've ever known...maybe he's flossing his teeth?

Bill - with his unique perspective on life...

Could this be why it takes me forever to type something???

Oh, and that messy pile of papers you see on the left USED to be an ORGANIZED messy pile of papers, but two rambunctious puddies like to play king of the hill with it.

NOTHING goes to waste around here...

This is Cristobel enjoying some shade...

The Tison brothers dropped off the guitar today and I gave them the nickle tour. They snapped off this shot of Sam. We had a great visit!

My wonderful veterinarian had a baby girl. Isn't she adorable?

This is Stitch's glorious self...

On a sad note, I lost Buffy yesterday. She fell ill suddenly on Wednesday. I don't know how old she was because she was already laying when I acquired her last November. I believe it was Merek's Disease which is a virus that affects them neurologically. She was a good girl... Friday afternoon after I returned home from errands, she had a couple seizures and I held her as she crossed over. I think that is the nicest way to go, don't you? To know that you were well loved and cared for?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you would care to donate some Mou$e Money, you can go over to and click on the PayPal for your convenience or drop a check in the mail to: HawkTalk, P.O. Box 130, Holly Springs, GA 30142 Thanks very much for your help! ....m.


At August 29, 2010 at 5:41 AM , Blogger Terre Spencer said...

Good Morning Monteen,

I will be at the HT fundraiser and maybe I wil win an auction. Your cards are beautiful. . . maybe you will post some of the images to "preview" for the auction??



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